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How to Throw a Housewarming Party

By December 8, 2021Insurance

Did you know housewarming parties date back to medieval times?! Back then, it was a party to literally warm the house. The neighbors would bring firewood as a welcoming gift. The fires not only brought warmth to the home but were also thought to ward off any evil, unwelcome spirits that may be lurking. Many countries have developed their own housewarming party traditions since. If you recently moved into a new place or plan to soon, a housewarming party is a great, casual way to meet your new neighbors and share your special place with old friends.

It can be overwhelming to host any type of get-together, so we’ll help you get started with some ideas. A housewarming party doesn’t have to be extravagant, so take a deep breath, and keep reading!


Since this is a housewarming party, it seems only fitting to home-make some refreshments. Before you get too nervous, remember that it can be super simple. For example, you could get some pizza crusts and set out several options for toppings. Then, your guests can create their own pizzas just the way they like them. Another idea is to make a charcuterie board. Buy several types of cheeses, meats, crackers, nuts, etc., and lay them all out on a board. It isn’t too difficult but looks very impressive. Charcuterie boards are great for snacking if you don’t want to make a formal meal. If you don’t have time or really don’t like to cook, don’t worry, people will be happy with takeout or treats too.


People want to see your new place, so don’t cover it up by going crazy with decorations. A few simple decorations, such as hanging some balloons spelling out “HOME” will do the trick. Fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s are inexpensive and can also add a welcoming touch. You might not have everything unpacked, furnished, and/or set up, and that’s totally okay. People will not expect you to have everything together if you moved in recently.


Make a playlist of soft, cheery tunes to play at your party. This will keep some background sound in case things get quiet with your guests. The music will also add to the ambiance, coziness, and personality of your home. You may want to consider lighting some candles and putting away any clutter.


Again, you may not have everything unpacked, and that’s okay. Maybe your dining room chairs are still on backorder. Improvise and throw some sheets or drapes over boxes packed with books. You could also put cushions on the floor. These make great make-shift chairs. It may even be a plus if your house isn’t furnished yet- you will have more open space to mingle!


In addition to visiting with everyone at your housewarming party, you may also consider having some games prepared for your guests. For example, you could have a scavenger hunt around your home or have a trivia contest about the new area you live in. This will make your event even more memorable and help break the ice if you are still getting to know your neighbors.


You may be tempted just to text your friends and neighbors about your party, but creating a paper or digital invite will make your party more “official” and people will in treat it that way. Invites are easy to do with all the free templates available online.

It is normal for housewarming parties to be like an open house, so you should expect people to pop in and out throughout the specified time for your party. Setting your housewarming party for 2-3 hours on an evening weekday or on a weekend afternoon are perfect times for this kind of event.


Incorporate any special or meaningful traditions from your culture or family into the housewarming party. This will help you truly make it your own!

Welcome Home

Throwing a housewarming party is a great way to introduce your home as a welcoming, safe place for neighbors and friends. We’ve given you several ideas and tips to get you started we hope are hopeful. Remember that you also need protection for your beautiful new asset. Speak with one of our licensed insurance agents for a quote on a home insurance policy. (702)932-3105


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